I'm a black female and starting to date again. But it's outside my race I don't want to limit myself just to my race. But I feel awkward about it?

I been with white guys before and it's no different from talking to a black guy. It seems they more honest and and looking for love also. What I'm trying to say is how will they family think of them dating a black female. ... I'm 45 and guys that's 25 and 27 yrs. old been attracted to me ( white guys) sometimes it make me feel odd at times. I'm really begin to like this one guy I been talking too he's 34 years old. I'm confused on how I feel...


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  • family concern? than you need to seek totally independent men so his family won't interfering too much..

    you say you feel awkward dating men outside your race but in your statement above you clearly say that you had been with them? sorry but i m not really get with what u mean..

    why not? you are not aware that cougar are become more and more popular nowadays , do you know why? you should look at this link..


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  • You two are old enough to where who cares if the family doesn't approve? Your both adults. I date a black girl who's family doesn't approve, tough shit for them. :)


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  • I'm a black woman and I get where you're coming from, though race has never been a real factor for me when deciding to date someone. I've dated a lot and I've dated guys from a variety of backgrounds. I personally don't let race be a determining factor when dating but I have noticed when things start to get serious it seems to become an issue. I think there are beautiful people in all races and I think being in an interracial relationship just adds another dynamic to explore. However, as I said when things get serious I've noticed in my experience that things got funny. Same race or not I expect to be dealing with a man, a full grown man that can make his own decisions and isn't swayed by others judgements. Unfortunately a lot of people are worried about how others will see them and judge them. If a guy can't stand up to his family or friends about who he chooses to spend his life with whether the concern is race or otherwise, then he simply isn't worth being with.

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