When to tell girl you like her?

I met a girl a while back, we have had small talk in the last 6 months but that is it. We met up a few times since but since I was shy I failed to make conservations and it was kinda awkward. I keep thinking about her as I like her, but how do I let her know im intersted without wasting too much time trying to do it, which could possibly lead to her losing interest.


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  • I would first go and talk to her and make her comfortable.. Next would be that i would pay her attention converse with her, compliment her, look into her eyes and smile and flirt with her :D.
    It is very important for you treat a girl right.. You do that and make her feel good.. Another factor is give her time and space, don't fall on her or she'll distance herself from you.. keep this thing on and observe her body language if she gives you signs of interest, ask her out.. if she says yes, you're done.. take her out and propose/confess if you think its the right time...


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