What does it mean when a girl says "let's just be friends" but still contacts you?

So i told this girl how i felt after two dates and she told me she just wanted to be friends. I was pretty shocked seeing as how we seemed to hit it off well, but two days later she brings up this book we need for class we have together and how we should split the cost. Keep in mind though that the difference between splitting the cost of a book and buying the book itself is $5. Why would she want to go through the hassle of sharing a book when it forces us to see each other? Wouldn't she want to avoid any awkwardness? Is she really friendzoning me? At this point she is still contacting me daily. I don't know what to do.


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  • It means he just wants to be friends, friends contact each other

  • 1. she is either friendzoning you
    2. she likes the attention so she's still talking to you
    3. she likes you

    you should try talking to her about it and make it clear with her whether she has any feelings or not forsure =]

    • well even if she did like me, wouldn't she say something along the lines of "i need more time" instead of just blatantly saying "let's just be friends"

    • girls like attention. period. if there are guys giving her attention and she feels appreciated, even if she is not interested in dating them, they will probably keep you on the line.
      i think the best thing you can do is tell her you're gettting confused and you would like to know if she has feelings for you at all or not. then i think you can be clear whether she is putting you on the friendzone or keeping you "on" just for her benefits/attention.

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