A girl ignored me for a month and now said this? Help please?

There was a girl who chatted with me for three months nonstop, we also went out.. Then all of a sudden she started ignoring me. This lasted for a month as I tried so damn hard to make her talk again.

And today she said: 'I thought it would be better to not talk because I thought you wouldn't be able to accept us being just friends. And I also have a boyfriend with whom I'm so damn happy...

yeah right.. so damn happy that she had the time to talk to me 24h/day that I don't even know when she found the time for him because she was so damn busy with me, so damn happy that I was the one with whom she talked the most, so damn happy that she went out with other people expect for him, so damn happy that she didn't mention him even once, so damn happy that he should be really worried about our conversation, and so damn happy that she couldn't say she have him even when she should,

1. Why she mentioned that friends things? We have never talked about us, our future, or do something that would make us more than friends lol
2. She has no boyfriend! And I'm 100% sure, you can trust me I know

What do you think is going on? Some people have told me it might be that she has feelings and is insecure and is trying to convince herself that nothing will happen.

I don't know? Thanks for help


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  • She's either genuinely fearful of a relationship with you due to heart break. Or she doesn't know how to let you down easy.


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  • I agreed with user/loveyourtime. I had a guy that I made felt like you do. I was scare and in fear in innitiating a rltionshp. I panicked n broke his heart.

    • thanks, I was thinking the same might be the reason because she said once how emotional she is and that is hard to gain her trust..

      You maybe have an idea what to say to her? I don't think saying to her why is she lying would be a good thing

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  • If you have any intelligence you'll carry on ignoring her.

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