How do you feel when you talk to someone and that don't acknowledge or respond?

Dating this guy and sometimes I will say things and he will just sit there so it will feel like he didn't hear me.

That irritates me.

When I comment on him not responding he just turns around and will say, "I heard you." & repeat what I said.


He says he hears everything. That we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should listen more than we talk.

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  • Well, I feel irritated, but I let them know that if they don't want to talk to me, then I guess we are done. I'm a talker and I like to have conversations with people. If I can't have that in a relationship, then it's over.


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  • Very rude and disrespectful. Why are you there? To be ignored.
    Don't give these people your time, there are many nice people about. You should be priority if this is going to be a relationship and not something that has to wait for 'distractions' or what he considers more important things.

  • I can't be judgmental about this I kinda do this myself. I dont do it out of spite its more if I am really busy or am pre ocupied with something else I will either say "give me a sec" to finish what I am doing or not even nottice the person. But thats if im really busy : )


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