Hint of break up? he stop initiate the date?

I seen this guy for almost half year. we both busy so not text or call everyday , but he always make effort to see me twice a week.
He was on vacation for two month , really busy when he is back , so when he is back he always see me late at night and go work early next day. he does explain and tell me how his schedule like. let me know what he is doing if he cannot join me for weekend.
But all the sudden , he stop initiate the date. and not return my text on time. It been 10 days we did not see each other. which is never happen before. is that a clear sign he wants to break up? The only time he late to respond my text because he was kind of mad at me. He wants to see me and text me three times but i did not respond text and did not see him that night.
I am not a expressive person. he either. He don't say things like i miss you or i like you. But I can tell he likes me by the way he acts. things like he make effort to see me. Pay for stuff. kiss me in morning even when he was not fully awake. hold my hand whenever we go. When we together We both relax and like two stupid people laugh all the time. He is the one always giving in this relationship. I may not give him enough feedback. Is he just tired? or he just not interested anymore?
I am sad if he is not in my life. I don't know what to do now.

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  • maybe you should give him a little more attention.. and you should wait a little bit more and see.. if he continues like that you could ask him or text him to meet up.. maybe he had something and he didn't communicate i dont think it is necessarily a bad thing:)

    • thanks for MHO! hope i helped:)

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  • If you really want to know, you shouldn't ask us but you should ask him! That's the only way to get it a 100% clear. Go for it girl

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