What could I say to a pretty girl that is sitting at a bar?

What are good standard introductory things to say? What could I say in speed dating? Without being boring and sounding like everyone else?


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  • A bar is easy. never use lines. "Hi, my name is XXX. I hope you don't mind but i thought id come over and introduce myself. How is your night going?"

    Most women don't want lines, they want a conversation. Start one. If she says something like "fine" and looks away she isn't interested. Be polite. say "Ok, i am sorry to have bothered you." Dont be the asshole who gets shot down and turns to insults. In fact that act may just have them come back to talk to you.

    Speed dating is harder. Go with name. Say nothing negative. Get out a few of your biggest interests. The idea if to quickly find someone with a bond you share. If she is laughing or smiling and enjoys the little conversation, ask for a hug just before time is up, thank her for her time. Create that little physical connection.


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  • You can compliment her on her appearance. Women love compliments!


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  • Compliment her shoes. Women really like their shoes abd many men don't notice about their shoes.
    Say something funny about something that's going around.
    Or simple: be blunt. Tell her why you're there, and what you want from her (here you have to sound relaxed and kind of funny, you don't wanna sound like a creep or a stalker).

    • LOL, any women I know, if the first thing a guys does is compliment her shoes, she will think he is gay!

    • You don't have to sound gay, just a "I loke your shoes" is fine

  • Say... Excuse me! would you object if I where to tell you that you are quite striking?

  • My dick just died, can I bury it in your vagina?