Ever had a relationship with a narcissist?

I believe the man I am dating is a narcissist. He has strick rules and regulations for me, yet is free of all constraints himself. He does what he wants, then lies if need be. He dislikes my lifestyle, enviornment, family one day, then swears I am the best thing in the world the next. When he is laid off, he becomes a monster, when he is working, he becomes a financial target.

I once broke up with him for a few weeks and my inbox was flooded with both hatefull words, and then he would confess his love. He said he wouldn't take no for an answer. He once told me I couldnt leave him because "he wasn't done with me" (yes I do hear how that sounds) but then he will cry and go out if his way to be nice and helpful and promise never to be an ass again.

Does this sound like a narcissist, or a plain jerk off?


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  • "Does this sound like a narcissist, or a plain jerk off? "

    Both. Dump him and cut ALL Contact. He's not going to change.


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  • I dated a narcissist he constantly made me feel bad about myself and would tell. me I have not been a good girl. Would. go from being charming to a total. douche. One time left me at home then came back all loving like hey babe you ok. Jekyll and hyde behaviour, controlling dominant towards me. He would tell. me how to do my make up also. Get outnow these guys dont change