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i recently met this girl and got her number, i texted her the next day and things went well, so i decided to ask her to go see a play with me (was this too soon?) she said she couldn't because she was going opening night (darn) so basically i told her okay and ill let her know if something fun comes up because she said she was still free that day. is she letting me down easy or should i find something to do, if so what are some good ideas for a first date when you want to get to know her but your pockets are empty. im stuck on a college campus. i need help with the whole situation

  • she's letting you down easy
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  • find a plan B
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  • keep texting her (or talking) and wait to ask her out later when things build up.
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  • this situation is crazy and my head hurts
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  • You should not want to date when your pockets are empty because sooner or later, the girl would want to do more than see a play or go on a picnic.
    I suggest you get a job, until then develop friendships so that when you do have a job you can afford to change some of these to great dates.
    Some suggests are to take her to dinner at a respectable location - wine and dine. treat her like a lady on the outing. depending on her personality, something fun and playful might be nice later on when you start dating.
    All the best


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