Did I say the wrong thing?

So I've been talking to this guy for 2 days and yesterday it was a new message almost every 5 mins.
Late last night he asked me what I'm looking for on the dating site and I told him to meet new people and to see what comes out of it. He said that he is on here for a similar reason. Then he said "I'm a pretty open person, so I'll talk to pretty much anyone and see how it goes! :)" to which I replied ":) I'm not always the most open person, which makes it hard at times to get to know new people. "
I haven't heard from him since I said that but he has been online.
Did I say the wrong thing?
Should I message saying something else.


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  • Being open is what guys look for most in girls...
    I wouldn't recommend saying something else, there's just too many other people that would like some attention too.


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