Why did she change her mind?

A girl I used to talk to recently got in touch over facebook, we texted for a while and she brought up the fact that she was going to go shopping and invited me to go with her, I agreed.

The whole thing was pretty flirty, we talked a lot and teased each other, normal stuff, then after it was over she texted me I said we should go out again and she agreed, we never set anything up though, since we just did something.

I didn't text her the day after, thought I'd give her some space but I did text her on Sunday night asking how her weekend was, she never answered. I asked her today and she also didn't answer. I'm getting the feeling she doesn't like me anymore for some reason but I've no idea why that would be the case since everything went great, she approached me and invited me out, not sure why she is ignoring me now


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  • I think she still likes you. She's playing hard to get kind of thing.

    • how do I respond to this then? do I just not text her

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    • I texted her yesterday and also today, she never answered me, I dont want to come of as desperate :)

    • Why don't you give her a taste of her own medicine? Completely ignore her! I would do that.

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