How to know when to give up on a guy?

So long story short im 19 he's 22 met at work. On the second date I admit I ruined it I said to him let's be friends first and see what happens. But I told him I wanted something serious with him and he wanted the same I just wanted to get to know him better. Went out on some more dates untill he said lets just be friends nothing else I said it's fine but he kept saying no sorry it's not fine. Days later he said lets stop pretending to be friends and just be co workers. We had a talk he said he did not want to be friends because when we would hangout he felt something for me so it wouldn't be a good idea to hangout even as friends. So then I said why is it bad if we both feel the same for Eachother. He said ok so we became bf and gf. Two days later tells me that me and him shouldn't talk at all and forget about Eachother. I like him to pieces and don't want to lose him it's been two weeks since we haven't talked /: what should I do give up on him or what? HELP


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  • when he is not putting any effort or doesn't care about a future with you


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  • foget him LOL


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  • He seems a bit messed up.

    • How so?

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    • The times we went out made me see he was great and kind the only thing is the way he thinks sometimes is confusing I don't know if it has to do with his low self esteem.

    • It's your life not mine.
      I've already given my opinion on this guy. He just sends out red flags that suggests he's emotionally abusive and you're honestly better off without him. But no matter what I say, you'll still try and convince yourself that he's a nice guy. Woman-to-woman, nothing against you and I'm not trying to ruin your life with crappy advice. I'm just trying to protect women from going through the pain of being in an abusive relationship like I was.
      I've warned you and that's the best I can do. If I knew and met you personally, I'd be making sure you were avoiding contact with him. Again, not to be mean and horrible, just don't want to see women go through what I went through.

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