This guy and I are going to the movies.. there's a lot of sex in it?

I'm pretty sure there's something going on with this guy and I. Well I think he's cute and he's really funny. We're good friends. like 3 months before I dumped my ex, he told me that at some point in our friendship he had a crush on me and then said he kind of still did. anyways I shrugged it off because i had a bf. It was a tough break up and he helped me get over it. like we literally skyped that same day and the day after for hours. he cheered me up and stuff. he also added stuff that he would/wouldnt do in a relationship. trying to make himself look goof. Anyways I'm not sure I want to go because for one, he flaked on me once and didn't even let me know he couldnt hang. he just ignored me all day. I got mad the next time he texted me and went off on him about it. so it was whatever after. &the other day we were going to the mall before i went to work, we had already established it but never said what time and all day I waited to see when he'd say was a good time to go, well nope. he fell asleep 2 hours before i went into work and texted me half an hour before I went to work. I got mad again, and then he asked me yesterday if I was free because he wanted to watch a movie and I said I was working, even if I wasn't I wouldn't have gone with him, so my only day off this week is Thursday and he said he's most likely free that day but he'll let me know. we haven't talked since yesterday and we literally text all the time. Idc, but I think he got the point that i'm annoyed. Anyways so he wants to see Gone Girl and I checked the ratings and apparently there's like sex scenes and nudity and that's awkward to watch with a guy, when he drops hints that he might have feelings for you



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  • Sounds like you're not ready to be rebound dating.
    Honestly, none of what you said was that bad outside of him flaking on you without notice. That should be a sign to you of what kind of guy he will be if you get with him. So if you want to give him a second chance, that's something you need to decide but I wouldn't count on it getting much better.
    If I had a date with a girl, never in my life was I late. And I sure as hell never ignored messages the whole day.

    • Yeah that's true. Idk, I'd like hanging out with him but that would just be leading him on I think

    • It's ok to just be alone for awhile if you're not ready. Too many people think that since they are single that they need to fill that gap right away when they don't. It's better to fix yourself up and then get back into the dating scene. Have fun with several people, not thinking about a relationship until the right person comes along

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  • I'd say just flat out tell him that him how him always flaking on you pisses you off. I doubt you both would care a lot about the sex scenes, it'll be awkward for a bit but you'll get over it.

  • i mean I don't know if it really makes you uncofterable blow him off like her blew you off.

    • Yeah but I don't want to be like him

    • but ell him that movie make you feel uncomfortable or if not just go

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