First date with this girl and she's gorgeous (can't believe she's interested in me), how should I act?

I got her number and we talked on the phone a bit. We texted a bit, and she sent me a picture of her, and seemed into me (she was jealous I was doing x) and that she says we have things in common wink. I called her last night and I think I acted akward, but at least confirmed for our date tonight. Or hanging out at a bar, she was totally up for it and said it works great for her.

Should I give her a hug when I first see her? Should I compliment her on how beautiful she looks? Should I walk her home and give her a kiss on her cheek (or lips)? I got a little mark on my lower lip (I bit it) and may look like a cold sore, so I don't want her to freak.

I am super excited to see her, just thrilled. I'm going to tell her that when I see her :)

Sorry for venting... I just feel very giddy and lucky.



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  • Well firstly, good for you on getting a date! My opinion is to just be yourself, compliment here when necessary, kiss her if it feels right. She did agree to go out with you, therefor she is interested! Personally, being complimented on my looks create lots of brownie points- so definitely compliment how she looks. Hugs are always good greetings, so do that if you feel it best. As for the goodbye kiss, if you had a good night and the vibes coming off her are right go for it! Good luck!

    • Thanks! Date was ultra successful last night. We were out to 11p then I said I better get her back before she turns into a pumpkin. Walked her home and gave her a few kisses goodnight.

  • Hugs at the begginging of a first date have always been so awkward for me! I opted out of the begginging of first date hug with my now boyfriend and thankfully so did he! We did't hug at all that date infact or kiss. And he and I were keen for date two.

    So if you feel comfortable huggin her when you first see her fine. But I wouldn't reccomend it!
    Yeah if it feels natural tell her she looks nice. I would say don't go for any form of kiss on the first date.
    I wouldn't be left wondering if it meant he didn't like me if he didn't try. But some people would if thats what they are used to.

    So if you had a good time, at the end of the date tell her you had a great time and would be great to see her again for another date. Reinforce this when you get home about an hour or so later by texting her thanking her for the date and you really enjoyed it.

    I took a long time to get over a hurtful relation ship and it had been single two years before going on a date so I was in super defence and protection mode! My now bf held my hand on the second date, inside I freaked out and got my hand away after less than a minute! He didn't go for a hug or kiss that date either, so i guess he was quite good at reading wheree I was with things. We took everything nice and slow and I was happy with that, so was he. I think he also respected that I wouldn't kiss or sleep with him strait away too.

    However everyone is different so try and gauge her body language. Like other people say be yourself. Don't get too nervous and have fun! Good luck and I hope you like her as much as her looks and you both work out!

    • We had our date and I thought everything went good. She rubbed her leg up against me during the date. I walked her home and she kept bumping into me while walking. When we got to her house, I said I had a great time, went in.. I think she hesitated.. but I kissed her on the lips. Her lips were stiff and then went back for a second kiss, and she pushed her hips into me

    • Ah good I'm glad it went well, it sounds like you both enjoyed it :)

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