In a man's opinion what are the biggest mistakes or turn offs women do in relationships?

What are the things women do that are turn offs. Especially in a budding relationship. Other than the obvious things like cheating. I'm talking about personality things. Like neediest, jealousy. Etc.


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  • Your question is too broad. In general a stupid woman, a woman who has the spirit "everybody" in her life and act on it. A woman who does not have God in her life or is just religious with no understanding of the difference between God and religion. A woman who has no understanding of self. A woman with ink and thinks like an ink person.

    A true man wants a woman who he can take to a Ball or Gala event with confidence that she belongs and is a can be addressed properly as a woman.

    For most things in live there is a purpose. There is a time for a woman to be needy and jealous and the whole host of emotions on the pallet of life.

    The biggest turn off is a woman who is never grateful, because she will always be poor across the board.

    • Wow that is very profound, I love what you had to say. thank you for your input.

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  • 1) Not respecting that I have a life too. I go to work at 6:30AM and need to be in bed by 11PM. That means no late night talking texting, IMing, whatever. Please let me get my sleep. Same goes for exercise. None of us are spring chickens anymore, and I really, really need to go to the gym, lose weight, watch what I eat, etc. Please do not sabotage my healthy choices because you want to watch TV/Netflix together after work when that is the only time I have to work out.

    2) We both are going to have to give up some of our commitments. Insisting that I forgo all of my meetups, game nights, etc. so you can still do all of your things is not right. Yes, I can give up weekly poker night, but not so you can still make your wine tasting class, and I stay at home and watch TV until you get back.

    3) We all have different tastes, levels of cleanliness, routes we drive, etc. Insisting that it is your way or the highway is ludicrous. If you do not like how I fold the towels, then show me. It is no big deal, but giving me shit because they are wrong is weird. Same with loading hte dishwasher. I honestly do not care, but sighing heavily and insisting that she do it herself because I cannot is not helpful. You may be right, but that is not the point.

    • WOW!! I get it, you want your own space too! and guy time and your "Me" time. Good advice thank you!

  • Most women I know are horrible at communicating, because they expect guys to pick up on hints, we just can't see no matter how much we wish we could. Both genders could stand to work on this, but women seem to be the ones struggling the most with being direct enough so that their partner understands.

    Blaming all of their failed relationships on the men. This shows they don't except any responsibility, and therefore has put in no work to improve since her last failed relationship.

    When a man is trying to help around the house, don't get on to him for doing it wrong. He isn't going to change how he does it. Instead he will just stop helping around the house.

    Over reading our actions to make them into some plot to hurt you. So many women swear their husbands did something deliberately to hurt her when there is no way he could have known it would upset her. This can easily turn something small, into something huge.

    • Wow!! Point understood. Thank you so much for taking the time to add your input!!!

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