Is there a way to get the guy back after losing him by being a clingy mess?

-long story short met a guy through a friend a couple months ago, he lives 4 hours away but there was something there.
-for 2 and a half months we texting constantly non stop back and fourth and it was great :)
- about 2 and a half weeks ago I realized I was the one doing all the initiating but I didn't mind because he was responding like usual.
- about a week and a half ago he stopped responding all together and I don't know why.
- I took it personal after a week and turned into the clingy girlfriend constantly texting him and constantly getting ignored
- a couple of days ago I apologized and told him I was deleting him number I thought there was something between us. He still had my contact info so he can contact me if he wants
- he still views my snap chats and snaps and occasionally sends me some:
- he also said he would take me out on a school break or when he was off of school at least a month ago.
-this is going to sound needy but I just wanna go back to talking to him back anout stupid crap because I honestly enjoyed it and he made me happy
Is there a way to fix the damage or is this a lost cause?

Ya kind of been wishy washy with wanting him back and realizing he's a jerk if he wanted me he wouldn't treat me like that, I need to erase him and move on, ty though love that advice:)


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  • First off, you don't know the meaning of "long story short" do you? lol. secondly yea, you are kinda going up and down. You like him, you don't. I suggest you go into what I call the "waiting period", you said you deleted his number but it sounds like you have him on other media. go ahead and delete that too. Whether he finds a way to contact you or not, you will have your answer. Oh and the waiting period method is your punishment for being clingy and not giving space in the first place btw. I've had to do that too, she never contacted me back :(

    • thank you for the vote, did my method work or something? what is the update?

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  • You could:
    A) completely ignore him and flirt with other guys around him. Basically a sign of piss off. Don't be super obvious. Be confident. Don't be cocky.

    Or you could
    -subscribe him to spam and all the weird sex magazines
    -burn his clothes on his driveway. Or if he cheated burn them on the new girl's driveway.
    -make the worst most humiliating bumper sticker and apply ALL over his car
    -(obviously you don't have too) give yourself a transformation and be the hottest girl he has ever seen on the planet.

    Happy hunting ^_^

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