I Am So Confused Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated?

there's this guy that I am friends with and he's been confusing me a lot lately. we had a argument the other day and I asked him what exactly does he want from me and he said nothing. than he said so what your not going to be my friend anymore. than a couple of days later we got back talking. just the other night i picked him up from work and we talked for like three hours in my car. he said he liked me he thinks I'm beautiful and awesome but I would be miserable with him in a relationship. we hooked up twice. and the second time i asked him what are we he said I can definitely say that we are more than friends. than he says that he doesn't label things. and it's stupid to label stuff. so I don't exactly know what we are. any thought to what exactly are we in his terms?


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  • I feel like he's afraid of hurting you or maybe he feels he's not good enough for you, that's why he keeps make things confusing. Maybe if you know how his past relationship gone (if he has one) and get to know him more, you can make him feel more secured about dating.