Am I allowed to message her?

Question for you all. I was dating this girl a couple of years ago. Recently noticed her on a social website and I started thinking about her.

I'm feeling the urge to message her but I'm holding myself back because things didn't end well between us. We got into a huge argument which I started cause of the way I felt she was treating me... I did apologizes for my role in the argument but she was not having any of it and she said "we should go our separate ways." I tried msg'ing her a month after but that didn't go anywhere. Again it now been 2 years. Plus the pics i recently noticed on FB is what i thought was her on vacay but now im thinking she might have moved there. Think that's why I'm feeling this way cause in the back of my mind I may have no chance of rekindling anything with her if she is permanently on the other side of the country.

We're still FB friends and I still have her #.

Am I crazy wanting to message her? Should I? How should I do it? Or should I forget it... and her.


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  • DONT! it makes you look desperate man. Never try and re-kindle with something that once was a part of your life in the past. They are your past for a reason, if things were going to work out she would be here as we speak. You are too good for her, from what i hear. There are plenty of other girls. And you're not crazy for wanting to. I am sure it has crossed all of our minds at one stage.


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  • I wouldn't do it she's not sending you a friend request or message you and im sure she probably seen you on thier


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