First dates didn't go well, now he's texting me less. Is it over?

I went on several dates with this guy. The first two were great. We had a wonderful time. We talked. Something seems to have happened though. Our first big "real" date (which he asked me if I wanted to go on!) didn't go as well. It was like... we weren't on the same page anymore.

He commented on the music and kept getting distracted by stuff around us... like people walking by, the kitchen, etc. He just didn't seem interested. We went to a play and some girl next to him was laughing super loud... he kept looking at her to share in the laughter it seemed. I tried to laugh louder, but I just didn't think it was right that I needed to laugh louder to get his attention? I don't know.

The next night we just stayed in, watched a movie. It was fun, I requested both. We haven't had sex and he said he's fine with waiting. I mean, a few dates is definitely too early.

He did ask me on a real date, so I don't think he's just in it for the sex... but we went to lunch on Sunday and since then things have been weird. It's like we don't have that much to say anymore. We're out of questions... or at least I am. I'mo not sure if he's just quiet like that or if he is bored too. He's still texting me. I should ask him, but I'd prefer to do it in person.

Maybe I should just have him over and ask? Or end it? Something just doesn't feel right... I feel like two people who are just dating should be able to be ecstatic about conversation, am I right? Am I wrong?


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  • That's a relationship doomed to failure. Out of conversation topics already means the relationship doesn't have much sustain.

    • I find it odd that we have so much in common... and yet, nothing to talk about. Is there anything to do about this?

    • you could try just throwing out random interesting conversation topics and see if he takes the bait. If his response is lukewarm it probably isn't going anywhere.

    • so why would he bother to continue to want to see me?

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