Could you girls in your 20's date a 21 year old guy who had to shave his head?

I've started losing my hair in my teen years, and now it's pretty sickly looking thin up top, I'm just going to shave it to the skin and try to rock it but I can't help feel I won't attract a girl I'd find attractive. Let's all admit we have physical standards as well and get that out of the way. I'm definitely no model in the first place and am worried about my headshape and am scared shitless of being put into the 'undateable' category to decent girls. So ladies would you give a guy who was very young but had a skinhead a shot if he approached you? Be honest please people.

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  • I've meet plenty of sexy guys with shaved heads. Just like now I've meets many sexy guys with long hair. It just depends on if you can work it. I'm not going to lie, not all hairstyles are made for everyone. But all you can do is try to learn to make it somehow look good on you. That's all I can say, hope I helped.


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  • Maybe, I don't know

    • Haha that's pretty vague there!

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