How do you show guys that you are open to dating?

I do pretty well in school (90+) and most people at my school know it. There are the kids that are just labelled smart and somehow I fell into that group. I also used to be in that clique that was all the so called "smart kids". Im afraid that people still associate me with those friends even though I am more outgoing now and hang out wit a different group. *(and no I didn't stop hanging out with them because of popularity, they just became to competitive with each other over marks and I found that annoying and unlike them school isn't all I want to talk about. 24/7)

I consider myself social enough, I talk to a lot of people, including guys but I still feel like they think I wouldn't date or something simply because some of my friends wouldn't do anything like that.

So how can I get rid of my former reputation?

Just put yourself out there and talk to guys about different things, try asking questions about what they are interested in to show an interest in them and they might take a hint...


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  • Stepping into another social circle more could help, and (this is going to sound weird but hear me out) spread like a virus socially, make a friend and meet thier friends and befriend them, until you are in a completely new social circle however I will say that in school or hometowns sometimes people are just eternally branded by thier peers, if so there is a big world out there.


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