Guys! Is this really true?

I read an articles a guy wrote and he said, "The girl that got away will always be a “what if” in his mind."

Is that statement true?


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  • It could be, until they meet miss right.

    • Oh I see; makes sense

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    • Ohh ok, and this woman can either be their idea of her or an actual person right?

    • Ah yes, its usually a woman whos real, that gets comparred with any other potential candidates. I dont think anyone (whos not delutional or just wierd) uses the one who got away with regard to a fictional character.

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  • yes, my first love is still a 'what if' 10 years out, but it doesn't go further than that. I'm sure I'd like her now, but I also feel like I don't know her. I loved what she was to me, not who she is now. just a fact of life I suppose. never stopped me from being totally invested in new partners since either.

    • Aww that sucks; it is definitely sad

  • Actually, it's quite common, during a guys night my friends would pull up stories of regrets to the younger guys in the group. So yes, they will always be a what if, and full of regret

    • Wow! The bros can definitely get emotional then huh?

  • nah definitely not lol. maybe if a guy had an oppurtunity to have sex with said girl and blew it then that would be the case, but i think the girl u end up with is the one.

    • Ok thanks for sharing!

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