Was I a hump and dump?

So I met this guy online and we talked for several weeks before we actually met and we finally went out on a date and it was great, we had great chemistry and stuff. He tried to have sex with me that night and I said no, so the night finally wrapped up and he walked me to my car and kissed me goodbye. The next day we hung out, and we studied together and eventually had sex, we hung out all day, and I enter on a double date with him to the beach with his roommates. He also cooked me dinner, I slept over and the next morning we talked about future hang outs and he comes me breakfast and I left.. Then every day afterwards he reached me every morning and we had plans to hang out that weekend and then he went MIA... I texted him like 7 times in 4 days and I got a reply to one and he basically said things were very hectic. But I texted him after and no text, we haven't spoken in a few days.. Is he annoyed by me? is he done? was I just a hump and dump? HELP!!!

We ended up dating, and have been since this question.


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  • I don't think he would have cooked for you if it was just a hump and dump


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  • Have you every heard people say that women are too easy?

  • You were humpty dumpty


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  • I am not sure but I would not text him anymore. maybe he just felt like it was moving too fast. Maybe things actually are hectic. Guys suck
    could you answer my question please

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