Best girl in your opinion? (specific options)

I need to impress someone by a blind date with one of my female friends. Who's the most ideal girl among these five?

W- blonde girl with beautiful eyes (greenish blue with a hint of gray and brown). Girly, athletic. typical California girl except for her pale skin. Can be uptight or picky. American heritage.

C- pale brunette with hazel eyes. looks a bit cold but has an adorable personality. Very cute and funny when she gets exited because of her calm voice talking so fast. Has a broad perspective and is not stuck up. Nice and kind. Half Italian heritage.

J- Asian girl with natural tan skin. Baby face with a very attractive smile. Humorous, cool, has a broad perspective and understands everyone. Has a soft heart but is really tough when needed. Early graduated police officer. Korean heritage.

Please comment your reason.

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Not five, three. Sorry:(


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  • The most attractive girls are kind, empathetic, humorous, caring, and gentle. Hair/eye color doesn't mean a damn thing, particularly as these can be changed at a whim. But character traits can't be. And heritage shouldn't be an issue either.

    Quit wasting time on superficial b. s.

    • id add respectful compassionate strong and intelligent.

      then you've got an all around non gender specific attractive person.

      i never see the point of 'gentleness' without strength and dignity to balance it out... otherwise you've basically got a marshmallow.

    • Excellent additions! Thanks for rounding it out into an awesome person!

  • Before I go into details, may I ask who are you trying to impress on the blind date, and how are you going to introduce the girl you're bringing with to the other person?

    • It's complicated, but it's double date.

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