Yet another 'does she like me' question, your POV?

I attended a party with this girl but disappeared that night. The next week she asked where I'd ended up and from there things have gone as is. To date:

-earlier on before all this, she had mentioned how she'd become single
-she messages me a lot. When I hadn't replied she added me on snapchat. When I stopped messaging and snapping her, she messaged me on Facebook
-To date when I'm around her, her friends seem to have a knack of disappearing leaving me and her together to study or walk around
-her friends saw me walking into university once and pointed and giggled
-I ended up at an event once and she later asked why I had not invited her jokingly
-While studying she'll send me her notes
-She is not on good terms with one of my guy friends but upon hearing me talk about how close we were I sneakily caught her adding him on Facebook
-Upon the weekend, she'll ask what I'm up to
-When I've walked past her she'll clear a seat for me to join her even if I continue walking onwards

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-another thing; when she saw pics of me at the gym, the next day she has 'spontaneously' signed up to the gym too


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  • Yes... but she kinda sounds like a stalker lol


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  • And yet another time I answer the same way. If you have an interest in a girl, you go talk to her then ask her out if it's going well.


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