How do I introduce myself in person to my (girl) crush?

Hey everyone!
I'm a Junior in High School and there's this girl I can't stop thinking about.
The problem is that she's a Sophomore and we don't have any classes together - the only times I see her is in the hallways. When our eyes meet, she usually holds her gaze, which I assume is a good thing, but it could be because I always look at her when I can. :)
I'm a pretty shy guy myself but I'd definitely go and talk to her if I had the opportunity to catch her alone. However, there are always tons of people around me and around her and I can't catch her alone to go and say hi and introduce myself properly.
I added her on Facebook about a week ago and we had an ok conversation for some ten to fifteen minutes. However, I don't have any photos of me on my profile so chances are she doesn't even know who I am.
I don't know what to do. I'd like to meet her in person because from there on I think it's easier - I could chat to her both in real life and online, I could ask her out and whatnot, while now... well, she most probably knows me by face but not by name. And I'd like this to change. :)
I've been thinking about starting a conversation online again, but I just don't know what to say. I'd personally feel a bit creeped out if a stranger asked me "How's it going" or "How are you" or "What's your favorite band" or whatever. Last time I used the fact she accepted my friend request to thank her and start talking from there, but what about now?
I don't have her number, I don't know where she lives, I don't know what her schedule is. Basically I can't approach her after school.
TL;DR - there's this girl I like, she's single, I have her on Facebook and have had a chat with her once, she doesn't know who I am in person and I can't find a good time to walk up to her and introduce myself because of crowds around both of us.
How do I proceed? How/When do I approach her? How do I find a way to get to know her personally?
Thanks for reading and hopefully replying. :)


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  • You just walk up to her and say "hey, it's (yourname) - we've chatted on FB - didn't know if you knew who I was, I wanted to let you put a face to the name. How's it going?"

  • But how are you a junior in highschool when you're over 45. I don't trust you

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