Why is almost every female on Okcupid overweight and/or unattractive?

I'm not even exaggerating when I say that over 90% of the women on that website look like ogres.
Seriously, what's the deal with that?
Do I have to use a paid service if I actually want attractive matches?


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  • I %100 agree, I've tried Okcupid and ALL of the girls on there is obese.


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  • okcupid is like the lowest of the low. a cute girl wouldn't need to go on there
    why not just meet women in real life?

    • Because the only time I ever meet women in real life is at the weekend when I'm off my face on drugs in a club or at a party. And that only happens every few weeks anyway, but all of those girls really aren't my type. I like the shy stay-at-home type girls, so I assumed that one of the only ways to meet them was online.

  • Are you fit and attractive? If not, welp. Sux.

    But Idk, most people who use online dating are desperate (as far as I have noticed,)

    • Physically I'm in pretty good shape and when I'm out I often get a lot of good looking girls telling me I'm attractive. Not writing this to brag, I'm sure there are plenty of girls who I would never appeal to. Just putting it into context.

    • Oh okay. I see. Well there's tons of other dating sites

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  • that's just not true? :o :o

    • It's very true.

    • @delrey I don't know i read @meatballs21 comment and he says otherwise:D I've never tried it though so i can't say from personal experience hahaa

  • I've gone out with several super-skinny girls from OKC, they are on there too!

    Have you filled out the questions properly? There's one that asks if you'd date overweight people as part of the basic profile.

    It would help if people would fill out their profiles properly... average can mean anything from skinny to fat, while 'a little extra' meant 'obese'.