Why this guy I date and his still online his dating site?

We been dating quite sometimes now. But he wanted to be friends with me and was kinda upset cause I really do admire him a lot and had feelings for him. He advice me to go church and look for a good friends and know good people there. Cause I told him that I am lonely person and he used to tell me that too when we met up for first time that he was lonely too. We did kiss and hug each other in our date and he told me see you soon and I kiss his cheeks. Yday honestly he admit too me by texting that he didn't feel anything beyond friends and so he don't wanna give me any hope and let's be friends. But I don't wanna be in a friend zone 😭 it's been 2dates n he said that to me.. by text message? I luv him but I dun wan to tell him cause it's too early. I dress for him well and everything he tolds me what to do and he ended up telling me this. I even made a fake account in the dating site, he even still looking for a date. His so stupid his so serious looking hard but I am here loyal n faithful n good too him and I am real I am not fooling ard. His 30 I'm 27 :( I dun kw what to do? shall I still go out wif him even through he asked me out?

Will he change his mind and get to kw me well? Cause he didn't talk an text me that much. So as the same when I make fake account he didn't chat so much either.


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  • Dump him and find someone who pays attention to you. It sounds like this guy is looking for one thing, and it's not a relationship.

  • Wow! Honestly I can see why he would want to be friends with you. The guy was trying to be nice. It's no longer interested in dating you so for one he's allow to have an account on a dating site and two it's not fooling around if he isn't in a relation ship with you.


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