Winking on mean they fancy you or attention method?

Does a 'wink' on Match. com mean someone finds you attractive or is it just a way to get your attention?

Only I've had a few 'winks' from ladies in the last few days but they never start the messaging first, it's always me that does that.


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  • It's just a way to get your attention because they like to feel important. Forget internet dating and get some social skills and dating in the real world.

    • It's more difficult to me in the 'real world' because women are like a needle in a haystack when it comes to having things in common.

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    • Well true you do have to pay. But by that same token, the haystack is STILL bigger because you know those women are getting flooded by all the guys trying to date. So really you just become the needle yourself as well :)

    • for me for example, i ended a 9 year relationship, i have one child and i have a hard time with men not wanting to take that on, fair enough so i want to meet a guy with a child to avoid the discrimination, between work and my child and whoever and their child this is a very good method.

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  • k wow at other comment as you get older and out of school its harder to meet people thanks, unless you like casual sex at bars online dating is a good way to meet someone or just expand your social network. I am on match i do not like to wink because to me it is too effortless i also dont like if guys wink, say something creative and original to stick out. But my guess would be she thinks your good looking and have potential for her but she wants you to make the first move, in this case write her something sweet.

    • Yes, I have emailed her after she winked at me. It breaks the ice a bit and the conversation can start. Someone's got to make the first move so to speak!

    • yes and so often women feel entitled to not take that on so just embrace it.

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