If a girl acts excited to get together with me, but always postpones dates, is that just her way of nicely saying she's not interested?

A few months ago I went out several times with a girl. She got busy with work and postponed or cancelled a couple of dates, then I went on vacation and didn't contact her for a month or so after getting back. About two months had gone by since the last time I took her out, and I texted her to ask her out again. Here's the text she sent back:

"I'm so glad you texted me! That sounds like a fun idea! I'd love to but I have something going on every night this week. Could I get back to you and we could maybe do it next week?"

I texted back: "Sure. Next week actually works better on my side too. Just let me know."

She texted back to say that I'd have to come by her place to see her new furniture when it arrives, but I haven't heard back from her since. I'm assuming that her not getting back to me about the date is just her way of nicely saying she's not interested.

Any thoughts?



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  • 2 mos seems like a long time to not talk to someone yr interested in. also, no
    matter how genuinely busy she may be, 'I've got something going on every night this week' isn't promising. I'd look elsewhere.


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  • do you like her? I mean why u did not contact her during your vacation.
    it happen to me when my date gone for 2 month and did not contact me. but he told on the first day we meet he will be away. and show me where he will be and told me not easy for him to call me if he is in a nature no close to any city or town.
    for me i would assume you not even like me if i were her.


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