My new guy "physically" looks like my x, even gets confused in pics for my x, is this y I have a hard time stop thinking about my ex? will this go?

this is a real F up situation lol, the new guy I am dating looks identical to my ex, and its a constant reminder of him, some of my friends have even mistaken the new guy in pics with my ex, will I ever get over this? I really like this new guy, but the resemblance is scary how do I fix it :-/


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  • But is he a vast improvement over your ex? In which case, be happy. You have found Ideal Male 2.0

    • Hahahah yes. He is the BETTER incomparable version of my ex. They look alike A LOT! But he is way better ( personality wise ) is just a bit weird that he reminds me of my ex a lot tends to confuse me

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