Does he even want to stay together?

My bf and I have been dating for a little over a year. And I moved in with him shortly after. I told him I want to move out of this town so I can find a good job. Before he said he would maybe move but now last night he said he probably wouldnt. I text him this morning as I didn't talk to him much last night
I said "I wanna know if you would really move like we have talked about "
He said "it doesn't even matter cuz it's not gonna happen anytime soon"
I said "well I wanna know so if your not then I dont want to stay together cuz it will be harder to break up later on then"
He said " whatever do what u want then I'm busy" He is at work so I know it's hard to text. But he has told me he wants to stay with me forever. I just don't know why he couldn't move. He has cows because his dad is a farmer n we live on the farm. Does it sound like he doesn't care if I break up with him now or what?


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  • Sit him down and have a heart to heart, tell him that it's making you worry and just let him know everything going on in your mind. Guys don't like to plan ahead a lot or worry about it till like the day of. Be patient with him, maybe it's a lot for him to think about and take in.


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