My dilemma... what should I do?

Usually I consider myself a happy... go... lucky type of person. Normally I tend not to dwell on the past... except for lately.

A girl I was dating a long time ago (just over 2 years ago) I just noticed on FB moved to another city (or at least I think she did... aw some pics of her sightseeing and thought she just went on vacation, but now I see that she is still at the place after a couple of weeks and is taking classes on the language of the place). She is back in town... but don't know if it's permanent.

Again I don't like to dwell on the past but I feel like a screwed this relationship up and now there is no chance of rekindling anymore. We broke up over a miscommunication on both of our parts and I overreacted. She said we should go our separate ways. I tried msging leer a month later but that went nowhere.

A weird feeling but not too sure what to do. How should I initiate convo after this long. She is on instagram... I was thinking of adding her there to sest the waters. Or... Should I just delete her off FB and forget about it...


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  • I don't think you should forget about it. It has been 2 years and there are still feelings there, then I believe you should chase after her and see what happens. Just message her and say "hey, I see you went of town and stuff and was wondering if you are moving?" There is nothing wrong with saying that. By saying this, you are being friendly. And if she is leaving, ask her if you can take her out for coffee (not as an official date) before she leaves. Then you two may feel some sparks if they are still there and it can turn into something more again or that will be a chance to see that there are no sparks left and you two are just meant to be friends. Make sense?

    • Here's the problem... I've had her on FB for 2 years and she hasn't commented on any posts or liked any photos... not even a happy bday wish... so this is why I'm hesitant on msg'ing her. I haven't either... only because I wanted to give her space and show her I'm not creeping her out or that I'm not obsessing over her. Still don't know what to do... how would u react to a guy u dated 2 years ago contacting u out of the blue... especially after a pretty brutal breakup...

    • oh trust me, I had that happen to me before. At first I was shocked and ignored it, but that lasted only 15 minutes. Then I actually responded and we had a fun conversation. I know EXACTLY how you feel

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  • Write het, set a time and place for a meeting, and just talk about your lives : ) meet as a friends, you'll see if something goes out of this


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