Why does he ask me this?

Sometimes at a end of a text message to a guy I'm seeing ( nothing serious ) I don't put kisses but sometimes I do , but lately he's been asking where's my kisses? This makes Me feel some what embarrassed :/ am I being cold?

Why does he ask me this? And sometimes I can't reply back to his text messages on whatsapp because I'm busy at work so I get messages asking if my whatsapp is working? Because I don't reply straight away , is he being clingy?


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  • He's telling you that something you're doing really has an effect on him. That's like free money!! He really feels good when you add "kisses" or whatever to text messages. Other chicks have to try really hard to know how to please their man, and you get this freebie. Figure out how to make it automatic and never stop until you're ready to break up. Also, throw him a similar freebie if you like feeling good.

    • He's been texting this more frequently lately , I'm not sure what to think about it as I do put xxx but not all the time tho

  • People get used to getting things, they might not think much of it, but when it's gone they'll miss it.


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