Is there any way to rebuild confidence when it is this shot?

I'm pretty sure my confidence where women is gone. I've gotten to the point where, the very thought where any decent attractive woman would actually wanting to date me or eventually grow to love me, is so foreign and so ridiculous to me, it basically makes me laugh.


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  • Yes, for a start you need to try and turn these negative thoughts around.
    Your brainis telling you something bad about yourslef all the time.

    Of course you can find a good woman if you are a good guy, and if the woman is a good one she will automatically be more attractive to you.

    This may be a long slow process but you need to start showing yourself some love.

    Tell me? What are you like as a person? What do you feel you good qualities are?
    Are you kind? Faithful? Trustworthy? Honest? Loyal?


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