How do I tell my best friend that im in love with her if she's got a boyfriend?

I Really want to tell her how i feel about her but im nervous that she might not like me back and i might lose her as a friend. I need help please?


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  • Since she's taken, there's nothing you will gain from this. There's a 99.99% chance that she is going to reject you, which will most likely make things very awkward between the two of you, potentially ruining the relationship. And, if she against all odds decides that she likes you too and dumps her boyfriend for you, it proves that she isn't trustworthy. Who's to say she wouldn't do the same to you, i. e. dump you over someone else in the exact same way? Also, jumping from one relationship to another immediately is NOT healthy.
    Just don't do it. It will only cause a lot of unnecessary drama and heartbreak. Leave her be.


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  • If you and your Bestie have been "Best friends" forever, then Don't open up a can of worms that will most likely go sour and spoil the broth altogether.
    She not only has another half on her arm now but along with this, you both have Not had any "Hit or Miss" Kiss of any sort, and by you spilling your guts out, your heart, mind and soul, you are asking for toil and trouble down a beaten path.
    Keep it to yourself, sweetie. If you want to continue a Relationship of even being budding buds, step aside, silence is golden and let Old Mother Nature be your "Nature Guide" to reap any romance if she feels there's a chance.
    Good luck. xx

  • has she given you any sign that she may hold a slight interest towards you? Has she been in this other relationship for a long time? I would not tell her while she is in another relationship, because then you will just cause confusion for her. If the relationship isn't going well, just be there as her friend and she will eventually see how great you are and eventually realize she may want to pursue a relationship with you. But this is a bit of a sticky situation. You definitely want to be respectful of the relationship. But I know romantic comedies love spinning tales of the woman that is in a relationship that "works" but meets another guy or there's the guy "best friend" thats loved her all long, and the you have a happily ever after ending where girl ends up with best friend that she loved all along. but it just doesn't work like that. I know just being the friend is hard, but stay confident that things will work out for the better. Hope this helps!

    • I have been a good friend i was on the phone with her once for 8 hours helping her get through a break up with her bf that treats her like shit and now there back together again even know he's cheated on her twice. Im just sick of her being hurt and down from how her boyfriend treats her and yes i have been respectful about there realtionship. I just want to beat his ass cause he treats her like garbage i honestly dont know what she sees in him. But of course ill always be there for here no matter what cause. I love her.😔

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    • you got it! best of luck my friend. just be confident and be YOU. thats the best. :)

    • so when i told her i felt she started crying because i guess what i said was kind and sweet and pefect and she also told me that she's always been in live with me. Do is that good or bad? 😂😭

  • I've been in this situation where I was in a relationship for quite a while and my guy friend out of no where! told me he has feelings for me and its more than just friendship from his side.
    I never gave him any signs that I was into him like that.
    it sucked because not only did I lose a friend, it caused a bit of drama in my relationship.
    if she's been dating this guy for a while, its a death wish to tell her now, if she hasn't given you any signs , she's just gonna shut you down to be really honest.
    she's not going to drop her relationship.

    if she has given you signs that she likes you more than a friend, then you may have a chance

    • How do i know if she's giving me signs.🙈

  • Don't -___-, this is not Hollywood and you will not get the same reaction. Wait until she's single.

    • That might not ever happen.

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    • Ok thank you.

    • No worries, and good luck. Don't let it eat you up.

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