Does she or does she not like me?

Ok so I liked this girl and I told her that at the end of school last year she said she already knew because her friend told her why would her friend do that. It does make since though because she did start talking to me outta nowhere I'm guessing that's the cause. So anyway this year I still like her and she recently started taking the train from school so my friend decided he would tell her form me which I didn't want him to do but it's done he told her and got her number from me then she came up and asked if I was for real and she was excited to find out an answer I didn't answer because we where in front of my friends and I was nervous so she took the number back to make matters worse my friend yelled out I liked her in front of everybody on the train I got off at my stop. Then an exact week later I ask her out she says she has a boyfriend and I was looking at her phone I asked her out in front of my friend anyway she continues to say the number was fake so I just moved. If she has a boyfriend why did she seem so excited to find if I liked her or not if the number was fake why did she want it back so badly I don't know my next move can some body help

I meant to say she was looking at her phone


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  • Here's a couple of novel ideas. First, keep your friends out of the situation. They have no business being involved. There is no reason to discuss this personal matter with them. Second, if you want to know what her thoughts are, ask her! If she won't give you straight answers, move on to someone else. It sounds like you may just have a crush on her.