What are the odds I hear back from this girl, and how can I improve them?

So I was on a date this last saturday. We met online, had been talking for about a week before deciding to meet up.

We had drinks together for about 5 hours before deciding to depart, with conversation lively and eventual handholding under the bar. After leaving she hinted that she'd be open to have some company but made it clear there wouldn't be sex on the first date. We went back to her place, made out for a while and watched a few TV episodes while cuddled up next to each other.

I took off, texted her I'd had fun and hoped to see her again soon, she said she did too and would like that as well.

Since then I haven't heard from her since sunday. We traded a couple of texts, she mentioned having had a nightmare and we chatted a bit, but it's been over 2 days since I've heard from her last. I've only sent a couple messages asking how her Columbus Day off had went, and yesterday how she felt about bowling as an activity. Nada.

Any chance I hear back from her?


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  • dude, it's only been two days! some people need to eat, sleep, and shit!


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  • she may not be interested. at least not enough to pursue a relationship :-/ I'd move on.

  • I say try texting her one last time and be specific. ie "I'd really like to take you bowling this Saturday. Are you free?" If in 24hours she still hasn't responded, cut your losses and move on


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