Second date? Is he actually into me? College edition?

Hey guys!

SO I have been chatting with this guy for about two weeks now. We finally went out last week and it went so so well! Usually first dates are kind of awkward and slow but we really clicked and chatted away for a few hours.

Throughout the date, his body language was really open (stretching a lot, reaching his feet out towards me, lots of hand motions and eye contact) and we both laughed a lot. It was sort of awkward, however, ending the date as we went our separate ways. We didn't kiss or hold hands or anything.
But as soon as I got home, he shot me a text making sure I was safe and we've been continuing to chat by text almost all week long.

He's made lots of statements about things we should do in the future (movie marathons, go to each other's classes, ) and referenced even more times that he'll be somewhere, but he never mentions real times or places for us to meet up.

What should I do? Should I initiate the second "date" if we can even call it that?

Also is it weird we're not friends on Facebook? how do I go about initiating that haha

All help would be super appreciated
Lots of love,
A dating newbie

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  • He already is talking about future events. He's into you, otherwise he wouldn't have brought up the future. Initiate a second date, even if he doesn't have the guts. If he doesn't want to, then you will know. He will most likely cancel.


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