Complicated guy help!!! Please!!!

So iv been dealing with this guy for 6 months now not making up his mind about being with me I always ask him how he feels but he doesn't say well then I got into another relationship and he started showing how he felt but I couldn't do anything about it cause I wasn't gonna cheat no matter how I felt and well me and my bf broke up he dumped me and married a girl he just met 2 days later so then I come home to this guy and he treats me as if me being home is nothing to him like no feels nothing and I confronted him about it and he still hasn't told me how he feels so I told him I wouldn't speak or see him till he decides what he wants. Good or bad idea?


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  • Good.
    There's no point in trying to have a relationship with a senseless moron. But do prepare for it to be over for good. If you're blushing, he might find out and nothing's ganna happen.

  • Doesn't matter what he thinks, it matters what you think. If you think it can actually work out betwean you two then give him some time to settle, but he has to know that he doesn't get you when he has the chance, you won't be "available" when he wants you.


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