Deciding to be in an exclusive relationship- How did you ask and how did it work out?

When you decided you wanted to date someone exclusively, how did you ask and how did it go? If they agreed, did you have second thoughts days later? If they did not agree, how did you handle it?


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  • I always ask the same way:
    "I'm gonna be honest and say I don't know you very well and I've got a lot more to learn about you but right now I feel comfortable with taking the risk to work exclusively on building a relationship with you. I know that doesn't sound romantic and pretty so my bad if you were hoping for that. I'm not asking you to feel any type of way or to say anything or to change anything your doing I'm just telling you were I'm at internally." then I immediately cut back to something normal like nothing even came out my mouth. I do it all in a pretty nonchalant way which is why I add the not pretty part but that's genuinely how I feel so it's easy for me to do it that way. I don't get romantic until I'm sure my efforts won't be wasted. She could at that moment flip out and say I don't know I'm not ready. And I'll just say "like I said before I'm really not worried about whether or not you want this or your ready for it. You decided that on your own time for your own reasons. if your feeling any pressure it's coming from yourself not me. I'm just being open with my thoughts." So far I've always got the outcome I've wanted. Which is either we're together or I'm given a clear cut non ambiguous reason why we shouldn't be. So although it's a request for exclusivity I treat it more like a statement of openness to the idea.

    • It's usually shorter statements than that too but I wanted to get the vibe of the statement across.