Girls :Do I look good or bad?

I'm 17 years old and I kinda feel insecure about my looks, though I believe that I'm talented and unique but I just don't feel like I'm good looking enough to date a girl ~ that's why I've never dated a girl before and girls never really wanted to talk with me by themselves... so , is my look bad?

Here are my pics btw:


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  • Think about it this way. Everyone has different taste so to at least someone you are EXACTLY what they want physically mentally and everything else. Everyone is someone's Prince/ Princess Charming.


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  • I'm not gonna rate you on your looks, I'm not gay. But what I will say is and I see it so often is people so worried about how they look. At the end of the day dating isn't all about looks, you can charm a girl perfectly fine without being a model. Use your witt and smarts to win her, worrying about how you look is maybe the reason your not dating yet! Have some confidence lad!