Why did she run off crying? *Long*

Ok I'm not going to retype my whole damned situation so If you're interested and want to help, which I would greatly appreciate, you can read my first question. It's under "Why does she keep going back to her ex" in the behavior section. I posted it anonymously.

This girl keeps asking me if we can be friends after stringing me along. I told her I had completely fallen for her and that it would just get worse for me if I was around her all the time. She asked me if I hated her or thought she was horrible. I told her that I didn't hate her and I didn't think she is a horrible person. I keep myself away from her and don't talk to her at any great length for the past month.

She continues to hound me on if we are going to be friends. Talks to our mutual friends about how she doesn't understand why we can't be friends and why I have an attitude problem. She has been talking to my friends that are girls about this. They say they understand where I'm coming from with this but tell me she doesn't seem to and keeps saying she really misses her friend. I tell them that if she isn't going to listen to me then maybe she will listen to them. I was honest with them and told them that I did miss her more then I've missed anyone in my life and if I could just change they way I feel about her I would. Because it sure as hell isn't making my life any easier.

The next time they talk to her they evidently bring me up in conversation and tell her the same things I have been saying. She starts saying "I'm not a bad person, I'm not a bad person" over and over. They tell her again that I don't think that she is but then they take it a step further and tell her that she made her choice on who she wanted to be with and that we had a lot in common and I liked her a lot and that it tears me apart when I'm around her now and that being friends is going to be out of the question. She runs to the nearest bathroom and stays there crying for a long time. She comes out and just says she is more mad than anything else.

So I feel like a dick now, even though everyone tells me I haven't done anything wrong. I have only known this girl for a few months and if I hadn't fallen for her I would still be keeping her at arms length as a "new friend". I don't "fall" for girls and definitely not in a few months time so I knew this was something different. She has friends she has known much longer than me so why am I so damned important? Why the hell is she mad at me? What the hell is going on here and why has my life suddenly turned into a soap opera!?!?! Please help.


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  • She probably liked the attention that she was getting from you. Not only does she know that one guy is into her, but another guy is hopelessly falling for her. This gives her the power in the relationship between both the guys because she choose to dump her current boyfriend and go with you or keep stringing both of you along so that she can make her decision after it doesn't work out with him.

    Basically she still wants you to be there when her and her boyfriend break up so that she can have someone else to run to. In my opinion she is using you no matter if she says she still wants to be "friends" or not. Friends don't hurt friends, and it seems to me that that is what she's doing to you.

    hope I helped!

    • Why such the reaction? Just because she liked the attention? Because her plans of having me on the "back burner" didn't work out? I have never had this much crap with other girls.

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  • Is she someone who likes to please everyone, so that no one can say anything bad about her?

    • No. She can be very to the point and doesn't back down when she thinks she has something to say. I just don't get how she thought it was going to go any different than this. I mean I'm known as "the nice guy" amongst our friends but I'm not a door mat.

    • Do you think your friends impression that maybe she is to blame could have something to do with it, like she doesn't want a group of people to side against her in the way it was handled?