Do casual relationships ever solidify into a full blown relationship?

I have gotten myself into a difficult situation with a guy I have known for several years. We've always been friends and we do get on well.

However, I have allowed myself to become smitten with him which I now think is a big mistake. My marriage had been rocky for a while and it finally came to a head over the Summer and we are divorcing. I also have 3 kids under the age of 6.

Anyway, me & this guy started texting in August and I fell for him. We got into a casual situation. He is romantic and sweet and buys nice gifts but he says it's just casual but I want more from him. We live quite a distance apart and because of my home life, I rely on seeing him at weekends. But this does not always happen. He was out all last weekend with his mates. I really, really like him and have told him so but I've noticed that he has started following the odd random girl on Instagram which I find both frustrating and embarrassing. I want to put our relationship out there but he doesn't reciprocate. Should I cut my losses or should I try and make something happen between us?


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  • If you've told him how you feel and what you want, then cut your losses. If you haven't, be honest with him and see what he says.

    • I have told him that I want more from him. I think you may be right as he does have a rep as being a player.

    • Yeah, just move on because he won't change, and you shouldn't wait around hoping that he will.

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