Not sure what he is thinking or feeling...

well this guy catches my bus and he gave me his phone number. I always thought he was really cute but he is 3 years older than me...

we were texting each other for a while ad then he asked what's the furthest iv gone with a guy and I told him so then he said do you wanna make out? and I said yea OK so we met up and we were making out for like an hour and I had a lot of fun. then we met up again but we mostly just talked and flirted. after we still talked kinda dirty on msn and texting and we sent each other half naked pics bout we both agreed not to tell anyone cos we would ruin each others reputation cos of the age difference and he is a good student and everything and wouldn't want people to think low of him. but lately he hasn't been returning my texts and when he is online on msn, he ignores my messages and I don't understand why! he would always say how we were going to meet up again...


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  • Sorry to say this, but he was just using you. He kept you private, and it's not like you were dating, and it seems like a sexually/attraction based relationship.

    If he's not answering you, It could possibly mean he's found someone else.

    I could be completly wrong, he could like you, but from what you've told me - he sounds like bad news.

    Good luck!


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