If he's kind of seeing someone, is it bad that we talk EVERY day?

He's a new friend, and he told me he was dating but it's getting serious like almost "girlfriend/boyfriend" with someone else, but we talk every single day.

Isn't that a bit much? And what if we got into a relationship down the road (not that I'm fully interested, but also, I don't find it difficult at all to keep my distance- easy for me, harder for others perhaps) wouldn't he do what he's doing to me with someone else?

Just wondering, I've never dated casually or know what that's like or if I find that acceptable for myself. I just know we're talking every day... I have other platonic guy friends and we don't talk every single day like this. I admit we have a lot in common.


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  • Maybe he's a heavy communicator. But to answer your 2nd question, yes, he'll be doing that with another girl if you two end up together.


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  • Being it Seems they are "Serious," however Nothing is etched in stone just yet with him being in an "Almost girlfriend/boyfriend" relationship, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip and with this I simply Say-------It's not over until the fat lady sings. He is talking with you on a daily basis, but hasn't Slapped a ring Nor a title on her so it seems so I feel he is still up for grabs and out on the dance floor.
    It sounds to me like he is this fickle pickle who wants his cake and eat it too. He wants to get to know you, is showing Much interest in you and along with trying to sweep you off your feet, no matter how you slice the cake, he is also keeping the other half pacified and satisfied by keeping her close to his heart but yet at arm's length with Not so fast dancing the nite away with her as the couple of the year.
    Perhaps if you hang in there long enough he could have a change of heart and decide that you may be his First pick of the crop. And if so, I also believe, that if he cares enough about you or just anyone as a soul mate, that down the road it wouldn't be a beaten path but a match made in heaven where you would be for his eyes only. For now, I believe he is testing the waters, wanting to be Sure that nothing will go dead in the water for him.
    You never really know anyone until you Get to know them. For now, keep it light and semi sweet, stay friends, don't wear your heart totally on your sleeve and keep out of harm's way. Along with this, just throw in a bit more of yourself that may be the deciding factor for Friends or More down the line. You both may have have this chemistry and with talking to one another every day, could sizzle itself into something special. And you never know if you both might end up two birds of a feather.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, that is exactly how I feel this is going. Perhaps more for down the line, I know I'm not looking for a relationship right now but he was very honest with me right off the bat even about dating in general. I just hope the talking every day isn't bad or that if something were to happen down the line that he would be serious and exclusive. I believe he can be exclusive or he was, but I know right now he said he was dating a bit but there is someone. Thank you again!

    • You're so welcome. So being you do not want a relationship, just never become a friends with benefits Just Period... That's a hard one to grasp, with or without the girl. Keep talking, your friends and if you see that they have decided to make it more "Official" then bow out and find someone who is not taken altogether. xx