How do I stop fighting with my best guy friend? Please offer some advice?

Lately my best guy friend and I have been fighting a lot. It mainly has to do with underlying issues that we haven't officially addressed. I used to date this one guy who treated me badly, and when I realized that I deserved better I walked out of that relationship. My best guy friend has been extremely supportive and helped me a lot during that time in my life. But when that same guy who treated me badly came around a few weeks ago and apologized for his past behaviour, I decided to give him a second chance and now we're dating again. Ever since my best guy friend found out that I took him back, he has been very moody and hostile towards me. I feel like whenever I even bring up the other guy's name, he begins getting really agitated and pissed off. I know that he and the other guy always had something against each other, but I'm really upset that my best guy friend isn't even trying to see things from my perspective. I don't expect him to approve of my decision (especially since he was the one to pick up the pieces during the previous breakup), but he's not even willing to hear me out. I feel like I'm losing my best guy over this and I'm really upset. I don't even know why my best friend is acting this way & I just want us to return to the way we were. I used to tell him about anything that was upsetting me but now it feels like there's some sort of barrier preventing me from doing that. What could be going on in his head at this point? How do I make this better? It almost feels like I have to choose between the two of them because I can't make them both happy at the same time. I feel so sad and confused right now. Why is my best friend acting this way?

Please offer any advice you can to my situation <3 Thanks in advance!!


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  • Because he sees what we see. You guys broke up for a reason, an apology doesn't fix pain.