We're supposed to go out this Saturday but he hasn't contacted me yet?

I'm supposed to be meeting this guy I've been texting with for two months, we already went out together and it went great.

The thing is last week I had to initiate contact with him twice and him did none -although he replied in a proactive and engaging way-.

He told me he'd sent me a music track he found but it's been five days and I haven't heard anything from him. He told me it had been a very crazy week and I saw he went out late with his friends, but it worries me anyway.

He doesn't really pay attention to his phone and he's always doing something, but I'd like to know he still wants to hang out with me.

I was thinking about shooting him a message saying what is on the poll.

  • No message. Keep on waiting until he reaches me.
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  • "Hey, I suppose Mr. Organizer is planning something worthy for this Saturday or I may have to stand him up ;)" (He bragged about his organizational skills + jokes about me standing him up)
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  • "Hey, am I going to see you this Saturday or am I having to stand you up? ;)"
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  • A simple message asking what we're doing this Saturday
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  • Message him once more asking if he'd still like to meet up on Saturday. If you don't hear anything back in 24 hours then I think he's just playing you along. Find a guy who will get back to you and not let you do all the chasing.


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  • it's only Wednesday slow down kid. give it time


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