Can't tell if this guy on OKC is interested?

So I'm talking to this guy on OKC who seems quite compatible based on our political leanings/ ideology. He messaged me first and we started messaging each other. I do notice that he seems to message less frequent, once a day to once in 2 days. But it could be because he doesn't check at work while I do. I also notice that he writes in responds to what I write and doesn't ask much questions while I'm the one asking questions e. g. You've mention you spent time at XX place what were you doing there. Topics seem to mostly surround atheism as though he were writing an op ad. After nearly a week of messaging and I'm wondering if this guy is interested or not. He does say in his profile that he is flirt blind and requests women to show more clear signs. I wouldn't say I'm most interested but I decided to give a shot and ask him out for drinks. What do you think? Can you help me read this guy? Was making the first move a bad idea?


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  • Nope, that's pretty much the best thing you could have done.


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  • No, making the first move isn't a bad idea. If he says no, then you know he's not interested and move on. If he IS interested, he's not going to become uninterested because you asked him on a date...

    On a fucking dating site.

    • what's wrong with being on a dating website?

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    • Ah i see. well yes there's that, and there's people who say they are already in relationship yet claim to want to make friends on that site - highly suspicious.

    • Yeah I would stay away from those ones haha.