Online Dating: Are group photos a good idea?

I would like opinions/suggestions regarding posting a group photo with friends in online dating app. There are photos of only me, but I'm not sure about having photos of me with friends/coworkers. Mainly because there's already high competition with other profiles and I don't want girls to pass me over because some friends are more handsome than me (I'm 6ft 2in and been described as fairly attractive).

I admit to seeing girls profiles and thinking her friend/s are more my type. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing guess who and have to scroll through the group photos to see who wrote the profile.

I'd like to hear guys and girls opinion regarding group photos in online dating and what the pros/cons are.


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  • I would have to say no to the group photo.
    I used… god forbid… tinder for a little while and it was always hard to figure out which one is the guy i'm looking at. If you do put a group photo up make sure that your main photo is just of you and the group photo is just a backup.

    Happy Hunting :)

    • That should be a mandatory requirment for all dating profiles.

      I'll make an online dating profile after I'm done with my certification exam and during the holiday window (ie Thanksgiving-Valentines day).

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  • To me a group photo is a dumb idea. Since no one knows who you are, it makes it that much more difficult to figure out which one you are and whether you are attractive.

    I get the cheerleader effect, but I don't know.

    • I've heard about the cheerleader effect too. I was thinking at least one group pic to show girls I have friends and am social.

    • Maybe but be sure to label which one you are in the caption.